A message from Director Staci Smythe


Working in disability has been one of the most rewarding and enjoyable parts of my life. I have had many opportunities to learn and grow as a person. Since being apart of the disability community, I have had so many amazing opportunities to work along side some truly gifted people and assisted in building inclusive programs.
 My passion is my work, and I take pride in doing it right the first time. Expanding Influences was created due to witnessing poor and missing services for clients to be able to live a fulfilling life the way they choose, so we wanted to create a service that catered to the client more then the provider, which I hope Expanding Influences to be the quality supports for all our clients and community members. 
I adore my role in the community and hope to continue to build and grow within it.
Some hobbies of mine are camping, music, cooking, watching movies, fire dance and swimming!

Qualifications and Experiences:

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A message from Director Amethyst Barnbrook


I have a strong sense of empathy towards those in traumatic or stressful situations, which in turn means that I am truly dedicated to advocating for my clients.

Also, to learn of my clients situations they must feel comfortable in talking to me, I have found that in everyday life people open up to me fairly easily.

Finally, I am a very patient person. Not only does patience help me in everyday life, it is also crucial in case management.



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