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Assistance with Daily Living‚Äč

Programs & Services

Improved daily living and NDIS

Expanding Influences support workers provide you with the opportunity for independence and empowerment within your own home. 

Using a person-centered approach, our trained and experienced staff can assist you in a variety of areas to ensure you and your home is cared for in the way that best suits you.

Your support workers will work alongside you in achieving goals that have been created and developed with you directly. These goals may be short, medium, or long term, depending on the task you would like to achieve.

Tasks that our support workers can assist with

Meal preparation

Assisting you in preparing healthy and delicious food of your choice. This also includes budgeting, researching and following meal plans where required.

Personal care

Assistance with getting dressed, bathroom tasks, transfers, personal grooming habits, budgeting, and skill development, and other daily duties.

Light domestic duties

Vacuuming, mopping, laundry, general tidying. Assisting in maintaining your home environment, improving health, and supporting you in taking pride in your surroundings.

Connecting with the community

Assistance in booking appointments, researching local events


Supporting in accessing groceries, clothes shops, even window shopping.

Supported travel and holidays

Assisting you in travelling to locations of your choosing. It may be a mini vacation or an overseas holiday (conditions apply).

Services your way

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