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NDIS support coordinators and core supports

Looking for a business that looks at what someone needs and not just their funding? Then Expanding Influences Support Coordinators are right for you. Our Support Coordination team can assist with linking you to the NDIS or analyse your current funding and assess areas that aren’t currently utilising to its full potential.

When looking at a NDIS Plan, they can often be confusing or worded in ways that are difficult to understand. Our support coordinators will assist you in breaking down you’re funding and outline how that may reflect in your daily life. Although you already have NDIS goals outlined, it is important to get an idea of what you would like to achieve and ensure your funding reflects that. If you find your funding is not suitable for your support needs, then your support coordinator can assist you in gathering supporting documents and submitting for a plan review.

Core supports that our NDIS support coordinators can assist with

  • Unpacking NDIS plan
  • Funding analysis and breakdown
  • Understanding the NDIS plan
  • Connecting with services – regular supports and during crisis point
  • Maintaining services
  • Going through scheduled or unscheduled plan reviews
  • Analysing and collecting documentation
  • Overall support in navigating the world that is the NDIS

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